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That Thing You Do! – Army – Navy Store


Forrest Gump – Forrest’s Greenbow, Alabama

Title: Year: 1994 Type: Movie Time code: varies Google: Street view Watch: Netflix.com (Jump

Paper Moon – Sheriff’s Dept.


Always Sunny – Intro

That Thing You Do! – Woolworth’s


Stand By Me – Teddy Duchamp’s house

The Blues Brothers – Joliet Prison

Fletch – Fletch’s apartment

The Naked Gun – Feldman Fireworks Co

Dumb and Dumber – Harry and Lloyd’s apartment

Ferris Bueller’s house

The Two Jakes – Gittes Investigations building

Max Dugan Returns – Nora’s stolen car

Double Indemnity – “Vermont and Franklin”

Groundhog Day – High Tower

That Thing You Do! – Patterson’s Appliances


National Lampoon’s Vacation – Lou Glutz Motors

The Brink’s Job – Rino’s Place

Title: Scene: Type: Movie Google: Street view Bing: 360 view Year: 1978 Notes: As

Driving Miss Daisy – Main Street

Paper Moon – Mill office

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